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London Gypsy Orchestra

To join in with the Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month celebrations in the London area, community radio station SW1 broadcast a special edition of their Passport show on Tuesday 16th June featuring the music of Gypsies, Roma and Travellers. And to top it off, five members of the London Gypsy Orchestra came into the studio to play five songs live.

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London Gypsy Orchestra

The Full Orchestra - Playing Friday 19 June in Blackheath

Gundula, Jeremy, Martin, Evrah and Nargn joined Phil Hogg in discussing GRTHM and playing five songs, including Hungarian Roma song "A Sar Somas" which was debuted on the show.

The Songs played

  • A Sar Somas (when I was a little girl)
  • Ederlezi
  • Romanian Medley:
    • Ze Dode
    • Arestelle
  • Nane Love (I have no money)
  • Fuli Tschai

Due to much lively discussion there wasn't enough time to play all the music planned. Consequently, SW1 had another Passport Special Edition the following week.

Our thanks go to Phil Hogg the host of Passport, SW1 Radio and the LGO for allowing us to replay the live tracks here on our website.

SW1 Radio is a community radio project, which reaches local people at 87.7FM and internet broadcast. The project provides training and work experience for local people to enable them to deliver a schedule of diverse shows for the local community.

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Play It Yourself

Romano Drom Songbook CoverWith the help of composers Kerieva and Ambrose Cooper we've made a songbook "Romano Drom" specially for GRTHM 2009.

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