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Travellers' Tales

The county of Surrey is home to the 4th largest Gypsy and Traveller community in Britain. Numbering at least 10,000 people Gypsies and Travellers make up the counties largest ethnic minority.

The hidden heritage of Surrey’s largest ethnic minority was uncovered in a series of films produced by Romany Journalist Jake Bowers on the DVD called Travellers Tales in 2005. From the Epsom downs to the shores of the Camargue, these Travellers Tales examine Gypsy culture from every angle, from poaching to travelling, from rapping to rabbiting and from horse trotting to religious Gypsy conventions and pilgrimages. To celebrate Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month, we’ve made 5 of the 18 films available exclusively available here. If you like the films and would like to see the rest in broadcast quality, please order Travellers Tales from the Gypsy Media Company; please see the details in the right hand column.


But first please...

Ambrose CooperMeet Ambrose Cooper...

...teller of the Musicians Tales Ambrose lives near Epsom, home to the greatest gathering of Gypsies and Travellers in the south of England every June at the Epsom Derby, which will be held this year on the weekend on June 6th.


Harriett LeeMeet Harriett Lee ...

... at the Derby as she tells, the Dukkerer’s (Fortune Tellers) Tale.



Danny SinesMeet Danny Sines...

Surrey isn’t just a place where Gypsies and Travellers pass through, it’s 18 official Gypsy and Travellers sites are home to many families. Meet Danny who lives on the Kalima site, near Chobham. In this clip "The Son's Tale" Danny talks about his much missed father.


Romany Community in AshMeet the Romany residents...

Most Gypsies and Travellers in Surrey live in houses nowadays. One town that has streets full of Romany Gypsy families is Ash, on the Hampshire border.of Ash in the Towns' Tale.


Sue PeakMeet Sue Peak...

Surrey is also home to other travelling communities, including many from the Showman’s community. Meet Sue, resident of the Plantation Site near Lingfield as she tells the Showman’s Tale.

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