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Fit for a Queen

Royal Crown DerbyRoyal Crown Derby china is known and collected throughout the world, but is particularly prized by Gypsy and Traveller women.

Times may be tough, but nothing can tarnish a Gypsy or Traveller woman's dream of owning as much Crown Derby china as possible. So the weekend of 20-21st June saw them queuing round the block to take advantage of Royal Crown Derby's annual clearance sale.

"For 2 days only you will be able to purchase Royal Crown Derby at incredible prices. This event only happens once a year, and is the ideal opportunity to add or complete your collection of this beautiful Fine English Bone China." said Amanda Bushell of Royal Crown Derby.

Old Imari Vardo

Established in 1750, Royal Crown Derby is the only manufacturer producing luxury, branded English Fine Bone China made exclusively in England. In 1755, King George III honoured the company by granting the use of the crown in the back stamp. The title "Royal" came later in 1890 from Queen Victoria, giving the company the unique title of "Royal Crown Derby". Queen Elizabeth granted the company the Royal Warrant in 1978. So any china from the Royal Crown Derby that you see today - may it be on display on stores or in the dining rooms of brighton hotels - already has the Queen's stamp of approval.

"Much of the early production dating back to the early 1750s consisted of figurines popular as table decorations. The range of tableware was soon to expand and many of today's patterns have their origins in early designs," says Bushell.

Royal Crown DerbyOf particular interest to the Gypsy and Traveller community is pattern number 1128, or "Old Imari", which was first recorded around 1882. 1128 is the original pattern number recorded in the pattern books held in the Royal Crown Derby Museum archives.

The highly collectable Royal Crown Derby pieces are hand finished in 22ct Gold.

During the 2 day sale prices started from only £10 and 100s of items are significantly reduced.

Royal Crown Derby Visitors Centre, 194 Osmaston Road, Derby, DE23 8JZ or online at

Crown Derby

Brittania Hotel

The Royal Albion Hotel in Brighton, part of the Britannia Hotels group has Royal Crown Derby in its dining rooms.


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