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8 June

Holocaust Exhibition

Formal Exhibition Launch

Holocaust against the Roma Sinti exhibition at Mile End

On the morning of 8 June the GRTHM national co-ordinator gained the kind consent of long time Gypsy champion Lord Avebury to host a visit to the Palace of Westminster for Sinti civil rights activist and Chair of the Central Council of the Roma Sinti Mr Romani Rose. Also present from the Documentation and Cultural centre in Heidelberg was Mr Oliver Mengerson and also Mr Moritz Pankok.

Patricia Knight addresses the audience with Romani Rose (right) and Mr Oliver Mengerson (partially hidden).


VisitorIn the afternoon at the Mile End Arts Pavilion there followed a formal launch for the Holocaust against the Roma and Sinti exhibition which included a reception hosted by the German embassy in London.

The event was co-ordinated by exhibition curator Eva Sajovac and GRTHM national co-ordinator Patricia Knight. Eva had also brought together the work of numerous photographers to illustrate and build on the exhibition theme of current day racism in Europe.

The programme, Chaired by Damian LeBas, Romani Writer and Journalist, was as follows:

  • GuitaristPatricia Knight, National Co-ordinator for GRTHM
  • Romani Rose, Chairman of the Documentation and Cultural Centre of German Sinti and Roma
  • Dr. Eckhard L├╝bkemeier, Deputy Ambassador, German Embassy
  • Donald Kenrick, Academic and Writer
  • Carly Whybourn, Holocaust Memorial Day Trust
  • Sylvester Huczko, Roma Support Group
  • Paul Polansky, Author and Human Rights Activist
  • Tom McCready, Traveller, Derbyshire Gypsy Liaison Group
  • Followed by music by Tomi Boros from the Boros Gypsy Ensemble and a Private View of the Exhibition

The above photographs give a flavour of an exhibition of comtemporary works that supported the main Holocaust Against the Roma and Sinti exhibition.

Dispelling Myths

One of the aims of GRTHM is to counter-balance the widespread ignorance of Traveller communities that often leads to hatred and conflict. Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month celebrates our culture and history by tackling the negative stereotyping and prejudices that have led to this situation.

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