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Event Review

Big Fat Gypsy Festival

Photographs from the festival "My Big Fat Gypsy Festival" that took place on 12 and 13 June in Milton Country Park Cambridge.

The above photographs are by Dr Chris Thomas, a Milton Resident, and are used with his kind permission.

Chris writes on his Positive Cambridge blog, "The best way to tackle a problem is to get up and do something about it! Candy Sheridan, Gypsy councillor did just that when she turned the idea of a more traditional, family friendly event to allow local communities to meet and see the pride of Travellers in their vehicles and heritage into practice."

An exhausted Candy said:

"I am very happy

"The Fair was wonderful! It appeared exactly as i wanted it to, in the way that i wanted it to, with all the right people in all the right places ... families literally just setting up like we have done for hundreds of years on common land! some camping, some cooking, dealing, showing horses ... families dressed up ... us as a community just being ourselves.

"The result? peace calmness...elders coming out of the woodwork ... children running free range ... NO trouble NO police in attendence ... all off on time ... no more rubbish left than usual and whole parts of it left spotless as families took it crime no thefts ... all joy wherever I looked...

"I will be doing all this again next year, same date and another event is now planned for September ...

"A massive thank you goes to the manager Mick who had the faith and confidence in me and my community to let them bring the fair to his park! It was a great bridge building opportunity ... the settled community seeing us in our true light and not as the press always show us..."

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