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Professional Artists

Commissioned Art Posters for GRTHM

We commissioned a series of quality Art Posters by GRT Artists - Ferdinand Koci, Daniel Baker, Damien Le Bas and Delaine le Bas.

These 4 exhibited together at The Second Site show organised by Thomas Acton.

The posters are still available from GRTAS Leeds >

Daniel Baker

My work explores questions of absence and invisibility, reflecting the imagine space occupied by the Gypsy - offering a window into that marginal area allocated to them. The imagined space here refers both to the symbolic space inhabited in the popular imagination as well as the scarcity of geographical space for the Gypsy.

Daniel Baker Painting

Ferdinand Koci

Ferdinand Koci began to make images at the age of four out of a passion for doing so. It distracted him from his daily chores. The cows he was supposed to be watching would wander off while he was drawing on scraps of paper with pencils or charcoal. This passion carried him through to become the first Rom to attend the School of Art at the University of Tirana, and a professional artist, escaping the everyday contradictions between socialist equality and age-old marginalisation. And yet that passion is at odds with the work from which he gains much of his income, work he shuffles under other pieces in his studio with a little laugh, saying "that's just illustration." It is the tension between "art" and "illustration", however, which gives the bite to his most striking pieces.

Ferdinand Koci Painting

Damien Le Bas

When we gaze into the embers of a fire we can see endless stories in the flickering interplay of glow and shadow and ash. In Damian's images there is the same depth of narrative, but the stories are not creatures of our own imagination, but paths through the labyrinths of his intersectiong universes, real adventures that will not fade like a dying fire but capture forever confrontations of people, ideas, and culture.

Damien Le Bas Painting

Delaine Le Bas

Delaine Le Bas' work is brightly coloured, sparkling with sequins and cooing with a cartoon safety, the safety of Tom never killing Jerry. Fairy tale scenes, dotted with nursery rhymes and images from children's books clutter each work. Her images are of an England, a pretty, perfect, rosy England, one of sunshine and smiling policemen. Le Bas fills her art with what she identifies as a traveller's love of "textiles and patterns ... patterned carpet, patterned wallpaper, the most rih cushion covers, patterned china ... there is a magpie attraction to things.' Using these collaged images allows us to feel lthe safely of familiarity and it is from this position that Le Bas is able to question our preconceptions. Delaine Le Bas works the assumptions we bring to her work, with great pleasure: I am play with imagery and what people think it means, like language, giving it a double entendre, a different meaning. It's a word play, a visual imagery play.'

Delaine Le Bas Painting

The Bigger Picture

Stories from the UK and beyond that have far-reaching relevance.

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